Trailing (Neal Santos)...

Trailing (v.): industry speak for following along and learning the ropes of a restaurant operation. In our new blog series of the same name, we invite you to read along, trailing a few of Philadelphia's favorite industry folk for a day. You know them - they've swirled art in your latte, poured you a glass of wine or roasted the best damn chicken you've had in the city.

Today, Neal Santos (photog. extraordinaire, Farm 51 co-owner and all-around good dude) gives us his rundown on a recent day in his life. We hope you enjoy and periodically check back for more…

Also, be sure to follow him on twitter (@NealFredSantos) and on the gram (@NealSantos). 

6:30AM: Woke up with my partner Andrew Olson and watched him leave to tend to his farm plot for Chicory Florals. Got dressed and took our four monsters out for a walk. Roscoe, Violet, Giblet and Chicharron. 

7:30AM: Drove to my studio, Rock Paper Scissors, made a cuppa from my swanky hand pour set up. Coffee of the moment: Counter Culture's Concepcion Huista. Checked the internets. Answered the e-mails. 

8:30AM: Drove to Kenzo. Got an hour-long workout session in with my buddy/trainer, a fellow Temple Alum and football player Demarco Dodson

10AM: Back to the studio to shoot some upcoming artwork to be shown at George and Jen Sabatino's new restaurant Aldine. The body of work consists of images inspired by rich darks, and pops of color found in nature. Mostly things grown at Farm 51.  Posted a sneak peak to my Instagram

11AM: My business partner and I make a second cup of coffee. Editing some previous shoots for a few clients.

1:45PM: Met up with friend and colleague Michael Persico for lunch at Pho75. Persico is so much of a regular at Pho75 that the waiters already know what he wants. We get the same order, a number 3. Michael likes his spicy. I like mine bright with a lot of lime and basil. We talk about work, mostly how much fun we had shooting this month's Philadelphia Magazine food tour package. Pick one up this month! 

2:45PM: Full now and walk back to the studio. Edit a round of photos from Feastival 2014 in support of Fringearts. Answered another round of e-mails to clients. Texted the boo to make sure he's staying out of trouble. 

4:15PM: Coffee with a client at Federal Donuts. Discussing portraiture, food photography and environmentals for use as collateral. No coffee for me, just a David Lynch-inspired donut. 

6PM: HOME! Said hey to the dogs. Stepped outside to catch Andrew working in the farm. I grab a few tomatoes, some thyme, oregano and basil and some fresh eggs laid in the coop to make dinner: Eggs in purgatory. Dogs wag their tails as I cook and jam out in the kitchen with a bottle of wine. Crios Rosé if you're curious.

7:30PM: Dinner is served. Dessert was store bought Tiramisu from Whole foods. Polished off that bottle of wine. 

9PM: Some light e-mails, silly emoji texts to Marie and James and general checking of the internets. Early bedtime is not unusual at the Farm51 household. NIGHT.