Get to Know: Chef Bobby Saritsoglou

For the most part, what we read about new talented chefs taking over our favorite restaurants gives us an idea about what he or she may be cooking for us in the near future. But sometimes you want to know more, right? Yes. We're glad you asked and we couldn't agree more. Below, get to know some interesting bits about Opa and Drury Beer Garden's newest guy on the line, Chef Bobby Saritsoglou:


"Taxidermy is a big hobby of mine." - And he was into it way before it became trendy to hang animal heads on the walls. Helluva a way to win every dinner conversation you'll ever have, Bobby.

"I'm into gardening." - He and his wife tend urban garden plots in both their front and backyards in South Philly. They grow all types of flowers as well as herbs and, come summer, they'll have tomatoes and peppers.

"My wife and I keep our block tidy." - In what seems like a neighborhood watch turns bored-so-we-cleaned-up move, on some nights as late as 1am, the couple can be found sweeping the trash from their South Philly block. They also plant trees, smartly extending their urban garden.

"My tie collection is pretty large, especially polyester." - The guy likes to keep it dapper, what can we say? He procured his very extensive collection rummaging through vintage shops and proudly names a white and purple polka dot tie as his favorite.

"I can play the guitar and harmonica" - He's been playing for 20 years. He'll serenade you any time, just come to 13th and Sansom and ask! He's made himself a one-string guitar that we're sure he'd love to show you. And once he gets his boukouki (Greek guitar) skills up to snuff, maybe he'll bust that out, too.